Best of the Best Blue Mountains 4WD Touring


Beyond the popular Blue Mountains lookouts is a world of unimaginable beauty. On this unique tour you’ll travel off road where the tourist buses can’t go and venture along 4WD tracks into the heart of the Blue Mountains wilderness. Lunch will be a special highlight. Your guide will set up a table in the great outdoors on the overlooking a canyon, complete with white linen and you’ll enjoy a selection of food including a cheese platter served with Australian wine as you soak up the incredible scenery.

This exclusive full day tour features the geographical grandeur of the Blue Mountains, see the Three Sisters like most tourists or locals never see them, the raw beauty and majesty of the World heritage listed great Grose Valley, magnificent rainforests, waterfalls and spectacular cliffs.

This amazing day is not all about the driving, we will stop and smell the flowers and enjoy several short walks, where you can view the local wildlife and flora up close.. 

Our experienced eco guides have a wealth of knowledge of the Blue Mountains region, geological myths will be explained, the fauna and amBlueazing floral masterpieces of the bush discovered, and the history of the early explorers learnt. What a day, what an adventure!

Tours available ex Sydney or ex Blue Mountains.

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